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Download free gadgets for your Windows Vista gadget sidebar

by mitz on November 19, 2008 in Free Vista Stuff

Windows Vista has a sidebar that can be enabled that holds cool gadgets to help you through the day. It could be a notepad to write notes, a clock, the local weather, and so much more. If you haven’t enabled the Windows Vista sidebar and added gadgets to it, seriously, you should give it a go.
How to enable the Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets:

  1. Got to the start menu at the bottom left corner and choose control panel
  2. Then double click on the Windows Sidebar Properties icon.
  3. The box below will appear.
  4. Tick the box Start Sidebar when Windows starts
  5. Then tick the box Sidebar is always on top of other windows
  6. Press Apply and then OK.. It should immediately appear on the desktop.


How to download or install more gadgets:

To install or browse through all Vista gadgets that are available you can go to http://gallery.microsoft.com/vista/SideBar.aspx. If you have a genuine Windows Vista program then they are yours to download free.


Also when you have the Sidebar installed on your desktop there is a plus sign at the top. Double click on this to open the window pictured below. You can click on any of the gadgets here to install them to your desktop. If you want to download more click on get more gadgets online.


Windows Vista Free Gadgets

Windows Vista Free Gadgets


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    would like to download free windows gadgets


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